Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sushi rant of the day...

So I'm out recruiting for work, and some of my co-workers wanted to go out for sushi. (always a good idea when the company is paying). So, we go, and they sound like they know what's good, so I follow along. But, when we get to the restaurant, guess what they order? California roll, philly cheese roll, etc. Those aren't even Japanese! Especially since Japanese food doesn't have a tradition of using cheese! Do you think Japanese food would be given such american names? I don't think there's a "California" or "PHilly" in Japan. (granted, my co-workers were Caucasian, and they did eat an unagi sashimi, and tried one piece of saba). But they were both afraid of eating the saba (mackerel) because of the skin.

What really got me is how they sounded like sushi snobs, wanted to go to a specific place, and get really excited about eating California rolls! Don't make yourself look like a sushi snob if you're not going to order any real dishes.

For the record, I ordered: saba, unagi, spanish mackerel, tempura and green tea. Hope that makes me authentic enough. I tried one piece of the California roll (the one with cream cheese) and didn't particularly like it.

Edits: Thanks to my friends for corrections...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Strange Google Adsense ads..

So, sometimes Google's sponsored ads are really strange. I was searching for the proper usage of the Dutch verb worden when I saw the following ad below. Just what exactly is ebay selling here?? And why is the word hoe in the ad? I was searching for worden!!