Monday, March 23, 2009

New Disease - Coronary Arrest, the hybrid combination of coronary infarct and cardiac arrest

I was reading this Wall Street Journal article about Citi and Hedge Funds getting hurt on the trading of Citi shares when I read this funny quote:

"There are a lot of hedge funds looking for free money, and a lot of people were betting against Citi," says Jonathon Trugman, who runs Pendulum Capital Management, a stock-picking hedge fund in New York. Hedge funds lost money on Citigroup because "not every patient who goes into coronary arrest fails to come out of it."
Coronary arrest? Sounds like a new disease, the love-child of coronary infarct and cardiac arrest....

Although, I guess if you have an infarct, it would lead to coronary arrest, after cardiac arrest. =P