Saturday, September 08, 2012

KL Food Review - Sri Paandi

As I'm preparing to leave NL, I'm finding myself trying to finish a number of old blog topics that I've wanted to write about. Hard to believe, but about 7 months ago, I was in SE Asia, and of course trying lots of new foods. I was recommended to go to Sri Paandi, an Indian banana leaf restaurant in Petaling Jaya. Apparently, it's very popular with people living in the area

From the outside, it looks like a typical Indian restaurant in Malaysia, and it gets better...

As you enter, they had some deliciously looking fried items, like vadas and such at the entrance...

It's pretty straightforward, you sit down, you get a banana leaf with rice, then these guys start coming around with various curries, sambar, and if you want, you can order additional fish/meat curries. In my case, I tried to get a bit of chicken, some veg curries, and pappadum on the side.

This guy (the "boss"), was very friendly and funny too, giving me this special hat so that I could be the "raja" of the restaurant

S and her family were either still full from our last meal, or weren't so interested in Indian dishes because it was too spicy, so they got some roti and naan instead, which were equally good!

We ordered for 4 people
  • 1x banana leaf rice
  • 1x goreng puyuh (?? fried quail?)
  • 2x naan
  • 1x mango lassi
  • 3x teh ais
 Total Cost: RM34 / USD10

Final verdict: tasty, hilarious experience wearing the special hat. Place is a little bit out of the way, I think you need a car or taxi to get there.

Restoran Sri Paandi
Petaling Jaya