Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Singapura Daily Makan Photo: Kampong Fried Chicken @ 34 Dover Road

There are days where I really miss things from Singapore, and reading the blog post above (courtesy: Singapura Daily Makan Photo) made me miss the fried-chicken shop that was next to school. This place was great, they had an incredible chicken cutlet dinner, with fries, cole slaw, two thinly sliced fried chicken fillets, yum! Or, you could order a whole fried chicken for yourself. Note: these are not the American sized chickens, they're a lot smaller, and I think, tastier.

The blog post brings back memories about an afternoon where one of my classmates walked in with takeout from this place, and I immediately felt a craving for it, but was too lazy to walk across the street to get one for myself.

The shop used to be located in the coffee shop on the opposite side, but apparently they moved while I was in France / Geneva. For a while, I really missed the place, but when they re-opened on the other side, I was so excited!

Did you notice the name? Kampong Fried Chicken? KFC anybody? (Kampong means village in Malay)