Friday, February 01, 2008

One month - DONE

Can't believe it's been one month since I've left the US... time has gone by so quickly, and it feels like I've learned half a semester's material in such time. We had our first two exams this week. It's definitely stressful trying to study, and keep up with the material in the other classes that don't have exams this week.

But, at least it's done, and now I can spend this weekend catching up with the material that I overlooked this past week. And on the plus side, we have 2 days off for Chinese New Year's here. Nearly half of the class is planning to travel overseas of CNY, but I'm staying, since CNY in a Chinese-majority country would be an interesting experience for me.. my only experience is the small family dinners we had when I was growing up.

My roommate had his birthday this week, and so we threw a little surprise party for him, complete with a little cake. Check out the size of this cake relative to our kitchen table!!

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