Friday, August 22, 2008

Marrakech Food Guide

I've finally uploaded all my Marrakech pictures on Picasa, and decided to end my Marrakech trip report with a food review.

Overall, good eating for good prices. I wish I would have had more time to try foods in the night market, but with only 2 nights, it's hard to try everything. I was surprised to see that the Moroccan dishes are pretty lightly spiced, it's even lighter than the Middle Eastern dishes, and not spicy hot at all.

My favorites: Pastilla (the flaky pastry), and orange juice!

One of the best meals in Economy - courtesy of Royal Air Maroc. Spiced beef with rice. Wonder if its also halal?

Breakfast: Freshly pressed orange juice, US$0.50. I'd order 2 glasses at a time, and visit 2-3x a day. It was that good. Great thirst quencher when its sooo hot out in the afternoon

Pastilla, flaky pastry dough, wrapped around shredded chicken and couscous. Sweet and Savory, and totally delicious

Spice Market, with heaps looking like the tips of crayons

"Luxury" lunch ($15) at a nice hotel. Grilled fish with olive oil

Moroccan Sweets

The Night Market in the Medina, grills and food everywhere! The Arabic influence is clearly seen here, reminds me of pasar malam in Malaysia, and the night markets in Taiwan

Merguez (spicy Morrocon Sausage, except for my taste, it wasn't spicy at all)

Kefta (spiced ground beef)

Some kind of soup, haira, I think it's called. It's a simple lentil soup

Simple dish of fried fish

The kebab guy, preparing his items

Coke in Arabic!

Sweet Mint Tea, sounds like it'd be good, but it's more like drinking hot toothpaste

Lamb Tagine, pieces of lamb, slowly stewed with peas and potatoes, and light spices

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