Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day in the life of Kent..
Taken from the real events (and times) of October 29th...

7:50am - Wake up before the alarm, but decided to go back to sleep and wait for the alarm to wake me.

8:30am - Alarm goes off... but decided to hit snooze

8:40am - Finally woke up for real, started to wash up, prepare myself for school

9:00am - Leave the apartment, walk to school, and on most days, I pick up a steamed bun (bao zi) at the coffee shop on the first floor. Today, I'm still full from yesterday's dinner, so I don't get breakfast

9:10am - Check the clocks at the entrance... 9:10am, go to my locker to pickup reading materials

9:15am - Check emails, read the online site to catch up on the news that happened overnight. (and hope that there wasn't any more financial damage on Wall Street from the night before)

10:00am - Start preparing for my interview on the next day, reviewing my resume, going over case questions, and comments from my last interviewers

12:00pm - Attend Global Strategy Management class, where we discussed the case about whether INSEAD, a European school, should expand to include an Asian campus.
1:30pm - Class ends

1:45pm - Grab a quick lunch in the cafeteria that's full of students just finishing classes, chat with some friends that just arrived from the European campus, and prepare for a 2pm class
2:00pm - Attend the Models for Strategic Planning class... class finishes at 3:30pm
3:45pm - Attend the Business Plan Workshop class until 5:30

5:30pm - Attend the Entrepreneurship day lectures, with a special session on "How to get a job in Private Equity", with 3 people that are already within the field.

6:20pm - received a call from a friend, reminding me that we're supposed to leave early for a surprise birthday party for another classmate
6:30pm - Entrepreneurship day lectures finish, went to the lobby to share a taxi to go to the restaurant for a classmate's birthday dinner

6:40pm - While in the taxi going across Singapore on the AYE, admire the incredible view of the Singapore skyline at sunset (on the left), while laughing at the jack-o-lantern that's hanging from the Singapore Flyer (on the right, but not pictured)

7:00pm - We're first to arrive at the restaurant, so we decide to buy a birthday cake for our classmate at the nearby mall. While waiting for a stoplight, I get "bombed" by a bird flying above. Yuck!

7:34pm - Our friend arrives at the restaurant for her surprise birthday dinner! Except, we're seated at the front of the restaurant, and there's these huge windows, so she could see us waiting there!

9:45pm - Leave the birthday dinner a little early with a classmate to go back to INSEAD for a 10pm interview call with the US

9:55pm - Arrive back at INSEAD, prepare for my interview with the US, but the interviewer re-schedules the meeting.

10pm - 11pm: Prepare for my McKinsey interview the next day, reviewing Case In Point, and lessons learnt from previous case interviews.

11pm: Take a call from a US recruiter for VC firms, talk about career goals and explaining my resume

11:30pm: Return back to my apartment
11:45pm: Iron my shirt for tomorrow's 8am videoconference interview with McKinsey New York
12:00am - Sleep! Need to get up at 6:30am the next morning to make sure I arrive at the McKinsey Singapore office by 7:30am.

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shome said...

typical day eh? you must have really annoyed that bird then...

hope the interviews went well....