Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm done!!!

After 1 year, EUR50,000+, tons of work, I'm finally DONE! Classes ended at different times for everybody, but mine finished at 5pm on Monday. (well, officially, I had to leave class at 4:30pm to catch a plane)

In true tradition, I've left right away for vacation, travelling with friends to Kunming, China, with a stopover in Hong Kong. I
'm in HK right now, after visiting the city for 1 hr, sleeping for 6, and then checking in to my next flight. Kinda cool, I had a chance to eat some true HK dishes, admire the skyline, all in time to come back to the airport before the airport express train shuts down.

It's strange, because I don't feel any different than when I started, except maybe a little more disciplined, and a little bit (ok, a lot) tired. It doesn't quite seem final yet for me, especially given the job situation.

At least graduation comes by on the 17th, I get to travel in the region for a bit, and should be back in the US by January.

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