Sunday, June 01, 2008

French border police lazyness

As many of you know, Charles De Gaulle airport isn't exactly the nicest airport in Europe, and my previous experience there has given me a bad taste, including the time when the French border control police didn't even bother to look at my passport when entering (!!)

Well - something similar happened again! I was in Geneva for a interview at a VC firm, and the Geneva airport is somewhat interesting. It's built across the Swiss and French borders.. so one side in in France, and the other side is in Switzerland. I was returning back to Paris, so I took a taxi to the Swiss side, then walked across the "border", where there was a French border police guy in the office. He was on the phone. I stopped, and showed my passport, but he continued talking on the phone, not even looking at me. I waited for like 5 minutes, he continued to talk on the phone, and didn't look at me.

Then, I wondered: "should I just go??". So, I just went on, and crossed the border. It's pretty annoying when you have an official that has so much power of you (ie, the immigration officer), but he's just sitting there, talking on the phone and not even acknowledging your presence, or even giving instructions saying "go ahead".

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