Monday, December 05, 2005

Best Haircut Ever!

So I needed a haircut, and went to the local mall after work, following a barbershop suggestion from another expat at work. It wasn't a women's salon or anything, just a "Barber Monsieur" It was the best haircut ever! (well, maybe women are used to this kind of service, but it was a first for me) Usually my haircuts are the very practical type: go in, get hair cut, get out. This was a total surprise... and I probably looked a bit confused, because I didn't know what step was going to be next...

1. They give you a full cover (including separate sleeves) to keep the hair off your clothes, and then a neckpad that keeps hair out of your collar

2. Hair get's cut

3. Shampoo: this was almost like a scalp massage! Plus, it's practical, gets all the short pieces of hair out

4. Complimentary Drink of your choice after your shampoo. Guy next to me had a beer. I took a sparkling water...

5. Facial massage, with a warm towel. I was half expecting a shave at this point, but nope.

6. Hairdryer & final styling.

It was a really good haircut! And you feel relaxed afterwards too! Funny thing happened while she was cutting.. my hair is pretty coarse, and while she was cutting it, a piece flew into her eye and really caused some trouble (almost as if it was a piece of sand!).. she said "wow, your hair is really hard!"

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prorok said...

Congratulations on your first European haircut. I got my first one a few months ago in Strasbourg and had a very similar experience. I came away with the observation that, for the most part, Americans perceive haircuts as a burdensome chore/errand that should be completed as quickly and inexpensively as possible so that more important things can be accomplished. For the French (and it sounds like the Belgians as well), haircuts themselves are one of those important things in life you should be making more time for and enjoying. (I think the same observation applies to food preparation and consumption.)