Monday, December 19, 2005

Yay! I was able to upgrade my return flight from Brussels to the US using my frequent flyer miles to business class! Seat 2J, here I come! My company doesn't let me fly business class, but this is the best way to utlize those extra miles.

Here's the wierd part: normally you'd think business class would be completely full, since I'm only a few days away from departure. I looked at the seatmap, and out of 34 seats, there's only 11 seats sold/occupied! Wonder what's going to happen on flight day.. will they start upgrading people for free?

In another note, I finally received my Belgian work permit.. just in time for me to leave my assignment. I guess slow government is true all around the world. I applied for it in early November (after undergoing this strange Belgian medical certification saying I'm capable of working), but the application got lost in the mail since I wrote the wrong post code, so I re-applied. At least now I have a work permit that lasts for the next year.. I look like a convict on the picture.. I'll have to post a scan sometime..

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