Friday, December 23, 2005

Tot Ziens, Belgie, Au Revior

Time sure goes quickly, I finally left Belgium today, back to the US, ending a nearly 2 month stay in Brussels. While flying back, this ranks up there with my longest time out of the country... #1: 9 weeks in Taiwan, #2: 7 weeks in Belgium, and #3: 4 weeks all over Austral/Asia.

This was my first time working overseas , and it has really inspired me.. I worked hard (maybe more so than in the US.. because I felt I needed to justify my time there), but I also took time to enjoy it (leaving almost every weekend to someplace new)

It's hard to believe (for those who know me), but I was really nervous about going over, even though I really looked forward to the assignment. In the end, you form these great friendships with people there, and that's what really makes the difference, I think, between an 'OK' versus a fantastic experience.

So, goodbye Belgium. I'll miss your tri-lingual signs, gastronomy, the little cars, and the wonderful people!

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