Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bourne Identity

I feel like I'm living my own Bourne Identity movie today, especially that scene where Bourne, Matt Damon's character, goes to the Swiss bank, and opens a safety deposit box full of passports, money in different currencies, and weapons.

Since I'm heading to Germany tomorrow, and then straight away to Marrakech, Morocco, and then back to Geneva on Sunday. I have to carry various currencies in my wallet. I'm not sure if my ATM card will work in Morocco, so I have to carry some extra currencies. At the moment, I'm carrying Swiss Francs, Euros, and US Dollars. That's in addition to the Singaporean Dollars, Malaysian Ringgits, British Pounds, Chinese Yuan, Taiwanese Dollars and Canadian dollars that I'm already carrying with me, hidden elsewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have any extra passports or weapons.

Or... do I? Welcome to the INSEAD life...

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! So do you?

Have fun traveling! I am looking forward to the pictures.