Wednesday, July 09, 2008

First week in the office

Amazingly, it's almost been two weeks since I've started at the firm. It's been totally awesome. It's almost like working in Silicon Valley. Check out the perks:

  • Free lunch on Mondays (petite salad, sandwich, dessert)
  • Open fridge - free soft drinks/water (alcohol only on special occassions)
  • Snack drawer - nuts, dried fruit, chocolate bits, fresh fruits
Oh - my hours? Even more awesome: 9am until about 6:30pm, when most people leave. I tend to leave a little later since I'm used to staying later for school. Oh, and lunch? Well - the Swiss love their lunch. If we go out, it's like 1-1.5hrs. Today, I decided to go for a "quick lunch", and brought a sandwich back to my desk, and my mentor looked at me funny. He said, "Wow - that's so unusual for me, normally I like to take a lunch break, maybe 30 minutes or something. But I'm not used to seeing somebody eat lunch and work at the same time". I said "yeah, this is very American.. normally I like a break too, but I like to do something while I'm eating, I've gotten into this habit while at INSEAD". My mentor had previously studied in the US, so he's a bit used to my habits which may seem a bit odd (ie, American)

Oh, the best part? I have a great big desk and a comfy office chair... it's one of those Aeron chairs... the same expensive ($1000) ones that startups went crazying buying with VC money back in the Internet boom days.. Have to say, it's extremely comfy. Not sure if it's $1000 comfy, but I'm not complaining!

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