Monday, November 28, 2005

I've been waiting for my GPS unit for my car these past few weeks... (Garmin Quest, onsale at Costco for $300!). It arrived in Belgium on the 18th, but nothing arrived in the office.

Just found out today that it's stuck in customs because they're trying to determine its value and whether taxes need to be applied or not. =( Can't believe that nobody at the Belgian post bothered to call me to ask about it.. only found out through the mailroom at work, after pestering them about my package over the past week!

Hope I get it soon.. I've been driving without a GPS, but would be nice to finally have one and a chance to use it before I leave back home!

Weds = week 4 here! Time goes fast!

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prorok said...

Had you considered Microsoft's Autoroute with the bundled GPS transceiver? It was only $100 and has the benefit of letting you use a big ol' high res labtop screen...if you don't mind leaving it sitting on the passenger seat. It's bailed me out a few times in the last few days getting lost driving between Germany and France.