Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Thought I'd include some pictures (courtesy of Google Earth) of my area, including my apartment, NATO HQ, and the EHQ office. As you can see, my drive brings me in front of NATO every day... the first time I came to Brussels, George Bush was visiting NATO, and this main road running in front of NATO HQ and the office was completely shut down! You can see it's a major road for the area.

For those of you who are interested in exact co-ordinates for plugging into Google Earth:

  • Apartment (50 deg 51' 47.97" N, 4 deg 24'47.87" E)
  • NATO (50 deg 52' 36.30" N, 4 deg 25'16.66" E)
  • EHQ (50 deg 53' 08.28" N, 4 deg 27'05.56" E)

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