Friday, September 19, 2008

B's Birthday

It was my roommate's (let's call him B) birthday a few days ago, and we completely threw a huge surprise for him. It came together all at the last minute, but was totally hilarious at every step of the way. Here's the story:

We have these "closed door" breakout rooms (BOR) for group work here, and sometimes, some people like to "stay" in the same BOR every day.... so, in effect, becoming like their personal office. I used to get teased for this too, since I liked a certain corner in the school, I'd always refer to it as "my office", as in... "yeah, I need to go study, you can find me in 'my office".

Well, my roommate particularly loved his office, since you'd NEVER see him around campus, except in his "office". And, this office has huge windows on one side that faces the library and the entrance of the school. So, for his birthday, we decided that we'd do a little "office decorating"

So, another classmate and I were at school really late the day before (ie, 12:30am), and so we decide we'd go ahead and decorate. Problem is, we didn't have a lot of streamers, balloons, or anything like this. So, we had to be creative with the things we had in the room.... and after a long day and a late night, ideas starting flowing from left and right. I have to say this is one of the funniest things I've ever done, and as my classmate said, "these are the things that you'll remember after you graduate..."

1. We posted a bulletin over the office number on the saying "B's Office, BOR 347", on official school logos
2. We took the big flipchart sheets of paper, writing "Do not enter", and "No studying allowed" , attached them to the windows facing the outside, and inside, it said "Happy Birthday"
3. We put happy b-day signs all over the inside of the office
4. I covered up all the numbers on the phone except for his age.

As we left school, we realized that the posters on the windows were SO BIG that you could see them from the street level! We were snickering as we left the school that day...

The next morning, B finds his office completely changed. He was really confused and embarassed. Then, he saw the big posters from the inside... then went outside to see what they said (ie, no studying!) He was so embarassed, we later found out that he took down all the posters.

Then, enters phase 2: the surprise birthday cake.

One of our classmates was supposed to take him out to dinner as we "re-decorated" his office and surprise him with a cake. Except... B escaped from us earlier than expected, and decided not to go to dinner.

So, as we were in his "office" waiting for him, we had to come up with something quickly, because the students getting cake just arrived as B was getting ready to leave the building. We had to get him back, but how?

ANother classmate said, "we'll call him and tell him his computer is on fire". Nobody thought he would believe it, although he did cover his computer with his sweater before leaving. So, as we called him, we saw him through the windows at the entrance. My classmate said "B, you better come back now. There's something wrong with your computer, there's smoke coming out". Immediately, we saw him run into the buliding, and in what seemed like less than 2 seconds, he ran up 3 flights of stairs and showed up to the BOR, where we surprised him with cake! I never thought somebody could arrive so quickly from the ground level to 3rd floor of a building!

He was hilarious, he said "my heart was beating sooo hard, how could you fool me like this? I thought I was going to lose my computer".

Ahh.. great fun and great memories!

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