Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm going to India!

I'm going back for a former co-worker's wedding in Chennai in October. The timing is perfect, it falls right during my break between classes, so I have a full 5 days in Chennai (Madras). And, all for a total price of about US$230. Hard to imagine I'm going to India, I've always wanted to go, and its only about 4 hours away from Singapore...

I sent off my passport for the Indian Visa back on Sunday, and had an interesting experience. The Indian Embassy has outsourced the work to Mustafa Air Travel, the same owner of Mustafa Centre, which I've previously blogged about (ie, the Wal-mart of SIngapore).

Interesting process.. they required a reference contact in India, but I explained that my friend was Indian, but now in the US. THen they said, OK, how about her address? I didn't know it, so I thought I'd call her, but then realized it was too early in the US. Then the lady said, "ok, here's a list of hotels, just pick an address" Doesn't matter if I planned to stay at that address or not

So funny, because it's like it really doesn't matter anyways, but why make us go through the work?

And then, because I had a US passport, I have the privilege of paying more than than Singaporeans, but I guess its a legacy of the US charges for American visa. (about US$100)

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