Thursday, September 04, 2008

My own Amazing Race

I'm a huge fan of the TV series "The Amazing Race", CBS's reality show where you form teams of two people, and travel around the world in what's essentially an elaborate scavenger hunt, with some "made-for-TV" drama added.
I just realized today, that my experience this past year, has been essentially my very own Amazing Race. Within the last month, I have travelled to 4 continents in the course of 4 weeks. First, a summer in Switzerland (Europe), then a brief vacation in Morocco (Africa), then visiting friends and family in the US (North America), and finally returning back to school in Singapore (Asia).

Simply amazing, isn't it? And being back with my friends from all over? Completely wonderful.

What am I going to do after I leave this place in 4 months? Life in the US would seem so plain after something like this...

Credits: Amazing Race Logo from CBS

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