Friday, January 04, 2008

Holland Village

Walked more around my area today, and found Holland Village, basically an expat (ie, foreigners working in Singapore) area. It's a bit strange though, because it reminded of most ethnic enclaves in the US. You know how we have Chinatown in the US, where there's a bunch of asian stores, and asian people living near by? Well, think of Holland Village as a "Western" town, where you can get all your international groceries (cheese, hams., sausages, pastas, things you won't find in the domestic stores), as well as Western restaurants, in a compact trendy location .... filled with Westerners. I even saw a Mexican place there too - although I can't imagine many Mexicans immigrate to Singapore. Maybe it's more Tex-Mex?

After being so used to Chinatown, Little India, Little Mexico towns in the US, it's so strange to see something like this... it's definitely a nice area though, I'll be meeting up with my cousin's friend for dinner there tonight, so we'll see what it's like.

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Steve said...

Yeah! Blogging Kent is back! We missed you.