Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What? It's Wednesday already?

Time flies here.. I have a Mandarin exam tomorrow, then Economics on Thurs, then Finance on Friday. Definitely will be a busy week. I don't know how people who are taking their language classes right now deal with the work - because it's already a lot without having to learn a new language.

INSEAD prides itself on its internationalism, how its graduates speak 3 languages at graduation. For me, English is native, then I chose Dutch as my second language. Yes, that's right, Dutch., and from my previous post, I amazingly passed the Dutch exam back in May. For my 3rd language (Chinese) I had to pass an exemption exam. The exemption exam was ridiculous, because it essentially tested all levels, all the way up to fluency. I could answer the multiple choice "pick the right word" questions, but had a hard time with the reading passages and essay writing. So, I didn't pass, nor did I fail. It was a written test, and I scored a 45, which puts me in the bucket for a spoken exam. So, there's not much preparation I can do for a spoken exam, so I hope it all goes well on Weds morning.

If this doesn't work - I might try to take the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi test later, which I hear is easier, and there's no essay writing. Otherwise, might try then showing basic ability in German. I'm doing anything I can to avoid having to take these language classes! Don't have time nor money!!

Time to sleep - I think it'll be the first time during a schoolnight that I had > 6 hrs sleep..

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