Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm in heaven, and what a small world..

Small World
Today was my first day in Singapore, and I was walking around, exploring the MRT station nearby my apartment. While in the station, I heard a guy yelling "Kent! Kent!". I turned at first, but didn't quite know if he was yelling at me or the group behind me. (Ken/Kent in my experience, is a common name for Asians) Then as this guy comes up, I realize it's my cousin's Singaporean friend from Northwestern University! We had met the previous year, and he had been helping me out with some details. What are the odds? Apparently he was on the way to work, and saw me, thinking I looked familiar. What are the odds? Of this little place, my first day, I happen to run into one of the few Singaporeans that I know from the US?

I'm in heaven...

Oh my gosh, I better not gain weight while I'm here. There's two hawker centres right next to my apartment. Should be super-convienient for lu. here's what I had so far...note S$1 = US$0.75

Nasi Lemak (S$2)
Iced Milk Tea (S$1)

Spicy Sambal Fried Rice with Egg (S$4) - this was a huge portion, so I'm saving half for tomorrow

Who knows what dinner will bring? I've been craving a roti prata, but that might have to wait until tomorrow...

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